The following are publications Dr. Wright authored or co-authored during his years as an Equine Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF). The factsheets indicated with "NEW" have recently been updated by Dr. Wright, Consultant - Equine Industry and Disease Prevention. The "unlinked" titles are currently being revised by Dr. Wright and will be posted in the near future. 


Anatomy and Physiology 


 Body Condition 

 Breeding and Reproduction 

 Care and Handling  

 Feeding and Nutrition 



Health and Biosecurity






    Disease Control, Biosecurity, and Disease Surveillance:




     Poisonous Plants: 




    Canada Plan Service:

  • Does Your Riding Helmet Fit?
  • Horse Safety: Saddling, Bridling & Riding Western 
  • Safety For Hunt Seat Riders


Transportation, Animal Welfare, and Handling