Poisonous Plants 2016

With the hot dry weather in the summer of 2016 - a drought, pastures are dried up and horses are looking for fresh green feed. One of the places that I rotate the horses through is my sand ring. We keep the main ring well groomed but around the fences it always grows up with weeds. Over the course of the week I would like you to identify some plants and decide on whether it is safe to use the paddock. Part way through the week I will start identifying the plants in the pictures for those that have not taken the time to identify the plants.

You will find a series of plants that grow in the paddock. Your challenge should you choose to get involved/engaged is to identify the plant and research if the plant is toxic, when it is toxic, how much a horse would have to eat to be affected and would the horse eat it.

This is a real life example and the consequence of a wrong decision could be illness or death .Enjoy the exercise and the challenge. Cheers Dr Bob